In Miniature in Mastodon Dentist

Little Creatures in Leveler

83 in To the Stars through Difficulty

The Wife’s Lament in The Collagist

Citizen J by Daniela Olszewska in The Collagist

Natura Morta by Josef Winkler in The Collagist

Gilgamesh by Spencer Reece

Kodoku cover


by William Emery

illustrated by Hanae Rivera

“A poetically written and illustrated recreation of the voyage of Kenichi Horie, the first (recorded) sailor to cross the Pacific solo…it leaves readers the freedom not only to appreciate the scope of his achievement, but to ponder the courage required to undertake all such private journeys.”

Kirkus Reviews




Edges of Bounty: Adventures in the Edible Valley

by William Emery

photography by Scott Squire

“Eccentric, passionate, and bold, this book introduces us to those who have been quietly working to return food to where it belongs: at the center of our families and communities.”

 Michael Ableman, author of
On Good Land and Fields Of Plenty




In To the Stars Through Difficulties: A Kansas Renga in 150 Voices

Poets in the chain take readers across the mythological as well as physical landscape of Kansas. Poet laureate of the state, professional writers, and newcomers blend traditional and experimental approaches. The writers celebrate startling beauty of the grasslands and its brilliant skies, including dimensions of reverie as well as plein air descriptions.



saroyan cover

He Flies through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

edited by William Emery

forward by Herbert Gold

”Through the air on the flying trapeze, his mind hummed. Amusing it was, astoundingly funny. A trapeze to God, or to nothing, a flying trapeze to some sort of eternity; he prayed objectively for strength to make the flight with grace.”–from ”The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze”

Published for the centennial celebration of the iconic author’s birth, this collection of William Saroyan’s writings overflows with exuberance, explodes with flashes of pure brilliance and literary daring, and brings to life an Armenian American voice unique and unforgettable. A careful selection of known and loved short stories along with plays, novels, letters, essays, and previously unpublished works, this volume allows readers to discover afresh the many aspects of a complex, engaging, and sophisticated writer.



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