Our Raccoon Cousins

On Laomei Road in Liuhe County
Raccoons visit, lusty, coy, and eerie,
The windows of the houses they find there,
Calling out O Cousin, Cousin, come here!

They seek the stupid, brave, or unwary,
Those weak to the enchantment they carry,
But if their thin shout no answer rouses
They twist and skulk away from the houses.

One night when reading late in a temple,
A young man named Xia, clever yet simple,
Heard repeating his name a light small voice
And hoping a girl or crowd of small boys,

Opened the window and looked out to see
A crone, her eyes glowing and hair greasy.
He wanted to sneer, bitch leave me alone,
But before he could, she entered his home

And shoved him into his stale bedroom where
She clawed off his pants and left him quite bare.
She jerked his hard cock and sucked it until
His semen her throat and belly did fill.

The allure of these raccoons is immense,
Impossible to put off or resist,
And wherever their hairy paws have been,
A rank milky stench sticks long to the skin.

Adapted from a folk tale by Yuan Mei, an 18th century Chinese poet and radical.

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