Don Mee Choi gave a wonderful PEN Ten interview.

What is the responsibility of the writer?
The Brazilian writer I admire, Clarice Lispector, said that she insists on not being a professional, to keep her freedom. Like Lispector, we writers should insist on staying amateurs to keep our freedom. Only thing I’ll add to this is: get out of debt. It may not be possible for most of us though. The majority of my time goes to paying off debt. As Foucault pointed out already, confinement is no longer needed, for we are disciplined by time/work. For me, time is not money. Time is freedom

Time is freedom. Amen.

Read some of her brilliant poems.


Asymptote is possibly my favorite journal. Today it introduced me to these poems by María do Cebreiro. It sent me down a rabbit hole of dialogic possibilities in poetry. Poetry monologues really well, but these…


Louise Bogan was brought back to my attention due to a poetry prize named in her honor. Her poem Medusa is, I think, praise and indictment of the stilling powers of art. I need to find her collected and a couple weeks in a very quiet place.

“And I shall stand here like a shadow
Under the great balanced day,
My eyes on the yellow dust, that was lifting in the wind,
And does not drift away.”

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