flarf is dada outsourced

but I hadn’t heard any of the flarfiliated poets mention it. I googled the above insight (is all googling a protoflarf moment? Probably) and found this intelligent essay by Rick Snyder that confirms I am clever if not original.

I may have encountered flarf previously and forgotten it, but it was brought (back?) to my attention because Pen published The Revolt of the Peasant Girls by Anne Boyer. The poem in turn repulsed and intrigued me, but through that see-saw fun I began to know that Anne Boyer was a Kansan. So I protoflarfed her.

I like Anne Boyer. I am going to ask her out. By which I mean I am going to ask her to submit something to The Habit. That’s the journal I am starting. I don’t so much bury a lede as make of it a horcrux .

Sarah and I used to collect poems by the ‘gentle spambot‘ which were those strings of words at the end of spam messages. Unlike flarf poems, the bot’s work was primarily sincere. It was innocent, Anne Boyer. Language sucking itself in a world that was all womb.

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